Anova – Technology at the Speed of Life

Art Beats Nature

Our motto encapsulates the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into our one-of-a-kind mobile accessories, the luxe materials that breathe life into our cutting-edge designs and the infinite creativity that fuels us to leap ahead of the crowd.


Our brand name starts with the first letter of the alphabet; the quintessential alpha of the pack. Like the spectacular glow of a ‘Nova’, our pursuit of innovation begins with the spark of great ideas. It is our mission and our drive to lead that powers our imaginative technology.

All in the Details

At Anova, every last detail of every single product is accounted for. Each single part has a story, built for innovation and expertly crafted according to the most rigorous standards. All of this for the pursuit of creating items that reflect the finest in contemporary functionality and cosmopolitan style.